What I cooked in Accra, Ghana ~ My African Food Tour April 2022

Plantain Fritters (Tatale) With Shito Chilli Yoghurt & A Herby Green Salad

Join me on my recent holiday in Accra, cooking these moreish plantain fritters by a herb garden, overlooking the pool, outside the restaurant of this luxury hotel, with guests watching us while enjoying their breakfast. It was quite the location. This is also part 2 of the previous newsletter How to cook with plantains #2 which includes the full recipe and gist of how this shoot came to be.

I thoroughly enjoy being invited to cook with chefs & home cooks around the world and I hope to bring you more of these experiences as I tour Africa. I am terrible at proper launches, so now you know! I am embarking on a tour across Africa and you are invited to enjoy it all with me, one dish at a time. I hope you enjoy this little clip of me cooking with Executive chef, Tahir of Movenpick Accra. I thought it would be great to include a mish-mash of different camera angles, some BTS (behind the scenes) and even mistakes for your entertainment.

Did you catch me out in the video, where I said talé talé instead of tatale?

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If you read the previous newsletter you’d understand this inside joke. These are the bits you won’t see on tv or in a 60 minute Instagram reel!

Enjoy! And do try the recipe, I’d love to know how you get on.

Lerato x

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