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I’m Lerato, author of AFRICANA, a food writer, presenter, and cookery school founder living on the Sussex coast of England. (Gosh! What a mouthful) I find great joy in bringing people together to share glorious food and experiences. 

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Why Cook With Lerato?

During the pandemic I felt so isolated, missing cooking with others and teaching, which had become my life’s work and greatest passion. And so, I created this newsletter to bring sunshine back into my life and to share that joy with you through recipes with spectacular flavour from across the world, bringing the foods of wondrous far-away lands to your home and heart.

Many of these recipes are especially inspired by my African heritage, with foods that I love and grew up with, foods that I have adopted from travels across the continent and beyond, and others adapted while living a pan-African life in the United Kingdom.


My first cookbook Africana will be published in September 2022 and this year I have embarked on a journey across Africa to bring you more recipes and stories from the heart of this beautiful continent. A cuisine so diverse, important, and relevant. One that you may have been missing out on.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to be featured, alongside my recipes, events and cookery classes in various media from the BBC to GQ magazine, in print, radio and television. You can read more about my journey here;

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