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The home of vibrant recipes, heartwarming stories and a good dose of African magic!

I’m Lerato and I am thrilled you are here. My friends (and children) call me tomato, and so can you!

People often ask, “what do you do?” Especially as my work might appear as a collection of hobbies.

I feed people!

I feed people with sunshine on your plates and in your hearts, as a chef, an author, a broadcaster on television and radio and through our cookery classes and retreats across Africa. Bringing people together to enjoy memorable food and experiences brings me such joy. That joy is what I endeavour to share with you here as we travel together through recipes and stories.

Celebrating African Cookery, its past, present & future!

My debut and award winning cookbook AFRICANA, was published to wide acclaim. A classic in African cookery with treasured recipes and stories from across the vast continent. Treasuring tradition while pioneering its future. Africana is sold across the world and celebrated by some of the most respected chefs and our growing community, who have found great inspiration and education within it.

Nigella Lawson says,

“It is a glorious book, an education and invitation. There is such life in its pages, and such food! Lerato has a particular gift for getting to the heart of each recipe, both in terms of where it comes from, how it’s travelled, and how it can find a place in your own kitchen, your own life.”

Jamie Oliver says,

“…a fantastic introduction and inspiring cooking from Across the continent with vibrant recipes that are splendidly written and reliable.” 

"There isn't a recipe I don't want to cook." - Diana Henry

"​An outstanding new book. Lerato is a genius with flavours." Delicious Magazine

Winner, Gourmand World Food Awards 2023

Observer Food Monthly Best of 2023

Telegraph's Best Books of Autumn 2022 

Africana day at Meta with recipes from the book on the menu and served to over 6000 London staff

Over the years, I have been fortunate to cook on local and international television and featured in various media from the BBC to Nat Geo, Delicious Magazine, Red Magazine, GQ magazine, and many more. You can read more about my journey here.

Why join me, on Cook with Lerato?

Lerato means love/beloved in the language of the Sotho-Tswana people of Southern Africa.

As a passionate ambassador for African cookery, I am taking our diverse foods and stories far and wide, bringing them to your consciousness, to your home and heart.

I started writing Cook with Lerato to share that which is not widely taught or shared in the mainstream, to share my unique experience and perspective and also as a way to connect better with you, and for you to connect with each other as we have done so many times at our events. Here I can communicate freely without the pressure of someone else’s style, structure, or agenda. We can build and nurture a community for us to converge, communicate and share our passion for food, culture and travel.

On a mission to break boundaries in food, media, publishing and travel, and using food as a powerful force for good, I believe in the importance of educating the world, ourselves and celebrating our heritage. This drives me not only to teach cookery as a useful life skill, but also to preserve, celebrate, innovate and teach about African cookery, and its important culinary heritage as we shape its future.

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